Spiritual psychotherapy heals the connection between the mind, heart, and soul. My practice combines talk therapy approaches with somatic therapy approaches to heal on a deep level and create long-lasting results. Combining talking with awareness of emotions and body sensations assists your mind and body with understanding and processing the events that have happened in your life that often stem from childhood. 

The spiritual component is the process of accepting all parts of you to be your authentic self and connect to your soul. This includes both the light (peace, joy, creativity, love, spontaneity) and shadow (grief, shame, guilt, sadness, anger) aspects that make up our human experience. The link between physical sensations and their relationship to unresolved mental, emotional, or spiritual issues are explored in therapy.

Therapy teaches you to trust yourself to make decisions that are right for you by bringing awareness to your feelings and their associations to your experiences. You learn to repress (unconsciously avoid) or suppress (consciously avoid) feelings based on what you see from others as you grew up. Hiding your feelings numbs you to your full range of expression and, simply put, feelings need to be acknowledged.

You will learn tools to use when difficult feelings arise, and what to do to return to a calm state after times of overwhelm. A vital part of the healing process is to talk about your past experiences and childhood to create long-lasting transformation in your life. Spiritual psychotherapy focuses on shifting your mindset about perceived limitations, accepting your strengths, and embracing natural talents that may have been dismissed in the past.