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Spiritual psychotherapy is a form of holistic health that provides integrated healing on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. A combination of talk therapy and somatic therapy approaches are used to create long-lasting results. Working together, we will bring awareness to get to the root of issues that often stem from childhood experiences.

The spiritual aspect brings you into alignment with your authentic self by allowing both the light (peace, joy, creativity, love, spontaneity) and shadow (grief, shame, guilt, sadness, anger) aspects of you to be seen and heard. The more you push away or suppress these parts, the worse your symptoms will become over time. 

Hiding aspects of yourself is tiring and leads to burnout. Therapy teaches you to make decisions that resonate with your soul, allows you to express your emotions openly, helps develop skills to set boundaries, and provides insight to resolve limiting or critical thought patterns.

You will learn tools to use when difficult feelings arise, and what to do to return to a calm state after times of overwhelm. A vital part of the healing process is to talk about your past experiences and childhood to create long-lasting transformation in your life. Spiritual psychotherapy focuses on shifting your mindset about perceived limitations, accepting your strengths, and embracing natural talents that may have been dismissed in the past. 

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