Sandra Gautreau Therapy

a step towards healing your inner child

Explore living your most soul-aligned life by learning to express emotions, resolve limiting patterns, set boundaries, and get to the root of issues from childhood.

Do you struggle with...

anxiety, depression, grief, anger, or shame? Working together, we will explore and build up your tolerance to uncomfortable emotions and talk about issues from childhood that hold you back from being confident and authentic as an adult. By facing this discomfort, you create gradual shifts that improve symptoms of burnout, stress, low mood, and insecurity.

Techniques that will help you...

include talk therapy, guided therapeutic imagery, somatic inquiry, emotional release, subpersonality work, and mindfulness. I offer a safe, welcoming environment that encourages vulnerability and expression of your unique and personal stories. Together, we will work towards healing wounds from your past to thrive in your present life.

I am a warm, empathetic listener...

and am passionate about the connection between current day challenges and recurring patterns from the past that often begin in childhood. The relationship with your inner child is a vital resource to learn about yourself on a deeper level, heal from early life trauma, and discover qualities that provide purpose and fulfillment to your life.

Therapy provides the opportunity to...

achieve your goals, share your experiences, discover your true values, embody your identity, and live out loud. You will leave feeling empowered to advocate for your needs, acknowledge your worth on a core level, and trust your intuition to make rewarding life decisions. Contact me to book a free 15-minute consultation or your first session today!

About Me

Sandra Gautreau
Working on myself inspired me to help others thrive, achieve their goals, and live a soul-aligned life. You will leave feeling seen, heard, and supported. I treat a variety of issues and tailor each session to your needs. A slow and steady approach to integrate your experiences will create the best long-term results.

What is Spiritual Psychotherapy?

Spiritual psychotherapy heals...

the connection between the mind, heart, and soul. My practice combines talk therapy approaches with somatic therapy approaches to heal on a deep level and create long-lasting results. The spiritual component is the process of accepting all parts of you to be your authentic self and connect to your soul. The link between physical sensations and their relationship to unresolved mental, emotional, or spiritual issues are explored in therapy.

Fairy Glen in Scotland

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