Sandra Gautreau

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Working on myself in therapy inspired me to help others as a therapist. I am passionate about what I do, love to listen empathetically, and provide a safe space for you to share your stories. I treat a variety of issues and tailor each session to your changing needs. A slow and steady approach to uncover and integrate trauma creates the best long-term results. I am honoured to meet and work with your inner child!

Accept and know your core worth by embracing parts of you that were denied growing up through inner child healing.

I am an intuitive, emotionally sensitive, empathetic, and spiritual woman. I was born with a hearing impairment and wear a hearing aid. As a child, sharing these sides of myself with others did not feel safe and were not celebrated as true strengths. I hid integral parts of my identity to fit in but felt a deep sense of loneliness within as I got older.

Gain skills to recognize trauma reactions and alleviate symptoms by managing and calming your nervous system.

To fill the inner void, I overloaded my schedule, did what others wanted me to do, and hid my true feelings; a toxic combination that led to burnout. I began therapy and learned that symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and digestive issues were messengers that I was struggling to cope.

Discover a broad range of feelings, increase tolerance of body sensations, and talk about your experiences in a safe and caring environment.

In therapy, I let out pent-up emotions and talked about reconstructive ear surgeries, my parents’ divorce, deaths of loved family members, and a pregnancy loss. Therapy taught me to name my feelings and speak up for my needs. I developed the skills to trust myself to make decisions and lead my life through my deep intuitive knowing. One hour at a time, I began to accept the pieces of myself I once disowned.

Take one step at a time to work through issues; slow and steady integration creates the best long-term results.

I developed skills to identify and express a range of emotions, regulate my nervous system with deep breathing, prioritize my needs, communicate and care for my inner child through guided visualizations, and build self-trust to rely on a network of support. I use these abilities to face challenges in my life and teach these skills in my practice to empower you to create meaningful change in your life.

Learn to slow down to detach from overthinking to connect with your heart, truth, and authentic voice.

I invite you to slow down which creates a powerful shift towards yourself. Slowing down allows you the time and space to process painful emotions, release trauma from your body, connect with your inner child, gain a greater sense of self-acceptance, learn to resolve core issues, and create more satisfying relationships. I am excited to work together towards the freedom to live your most authentic life.

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I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto, and a Spiritual Psychotherapy diploma from the Transformational Arts College. I am a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.